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cable position transducer Yo-Yo Pots are a versatile position measurement device that converts mechanical motion into an electrical signal that may be metered, recorded, or transmitted. Firstmark Controls yo-yo pots consist of a stainless steel displacement cable wound on a threaded drum that is directly coupled to a precision, long-life sensor. Operationally, the sensor ("pot") is mounted in a fixed position and the displacement cable is attached to a moving object. As movement occurs, the displacement cable extracts then later retracts under the power of an internal, engineered spring which also maintains tension on the cable throughout its stroke. The rotation of the sensor produces an electrical output proportional to the displacement cable's movement giving indication of positional translation.


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Ranges: 1.5in [38mm] Ranges: Up to 6.5in [165mm] Ranges: Up to 42.5in [1080mm]
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