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What is a string position transducer? Which model is best for my application?

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 How do I install my transducer? Frequently Asked Questions.

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      String Position Transducer Accuracy

      Analog Signal Types and String Pots

Application Notes

Learn how string position transducers are being used in various applications.

      Aviation / Aerospace

      Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

      Ground Vehicles and Transportation

      Position Transducers in Sports

Data Sheets

If these products do not meet the needs of your application, please use the CONTACT US page to discuss your needs with our Engineered Solutions team. 

x5x Series (max range 1.5in/38mm) x6x Series (max range 42.5in/1080mm) x7x Series (max range 6.5in/165mm)
Data Sheet - 15x Series Data Sheet - 16x Series    Data Sheet - 170 Series
Data Sheet - 15x Universal Data Sheet - 16xH (High Tension)  Data Sheet - 173-176 Series
  (Legacy) Data Sheet - 6x Series   Data Sheet - 174T (High Tension)
  (Legacy) Data Sheet - D6x Series  
Miscellaneous Transducers     Accessories
(Legacy)  180-0803 Series    Mounting Bases and Installation Hardware
(Legacy)   L  Series    
  NOTE: Data Sheets marked as "Legacy" are no longer in normal production.














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