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Product Feature - RoundAboutTM

Accommodates large string pot misalignment (high fleet angle) installations



string pots roundabout device

A major advantage of string pots (string potentiometers, cable position sensors, draw wire sensors) is that they can be mounted in applications where perfect alignment is impossible or impractical. While Firstmark's base model string pots can accommodate ±10° of misalignment, or fleet angle, some applications require more or may be used in applications where misalignment is variable or changing in operation.

For these demanding applications, Firstmark Controls offers the RoundAboutTM  cable exit to its 16x series transducers. This high misalignment device features a pair of idlers held in a bearing mounted housing. The RoundAboutTM is self orienting and maintains necessary bending radius specifications for displacement cable longevity. 


string pot max fleet angle top view

Figure 1: Maximum Misalignment as Viewed From the Top

string pots max misalignment from side


Figure 2: Maximum Misalignment as Viewed From the Side


To build the RoundAboutTM into your transducer, use our product configurator and select "Roundabout" in the Cable Exit field.

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