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firstmark sponsors sae team

Firstmark is pleased to provide transducers to the Laval University (Quebec, CA) SAE Team.

Engineered Solutions

Shorten your development cycle and reduce cost by working with Firstmark's Engineered Solutions team.

feature - universal mount

Available on all 16x series position transducers, the universal base allows for infintively adjustable orientations.


                                                   Firstmark Controls provides superior quality position transducers for                             testing and OEM applications. With a proven legacy in the aviation,                               automotive, medical, space and general industry sectors, our rugged                             products have been serving the demanding needs of our customers since                       the 1970s.

                                                   Beyond providing the most customizable product offering on the market,                                                                  Firstmark's off-the-shelf aerospace grade transducers (15x, 16x and 17x) are all                                                        DO-160 rated and ready to be implemented in even the harshest conditions.





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